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Cranes Installation Requirements

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Cranes Installation Requirements

The overhead crane track installation and fixing method is correct or not, related to the overhead crane can work normally. The requirements for track installation are:

(1) track joints, can be made into a direct head, can also be made into a 45 ° angle of the oblique joints, oblique joints can make the wheels in the joints smooth transition. General joint gap of 1 ~ 2mm, in cold regions in winter construction or installation of air temperature is lower than the temperature of perennial use, and the difference is more than 20 ℃, the temperature gap should be considered, generally 4 ~ 6mm. two rail joints should be staggered more than 500mm. The ends of the two rails (a total of four), should be installed strong rail restriction device (welded end column), in order to ** bridge crane from both ends of the derailment, resulting in bridge crane from the height of the serious consequences of the crash.

(2) The error of transverse displacement and height of both rails at the joint shall not be more than 1mm.

(3) For two parallel rails, the height error of the rail surface shall not be more than 10mm at the pillar and 15mm at other places in each same section in the span direction.

(4) The same side of the track surface, the elevation between the two columns and the adjacent columns between the elevation error shall not exceed B/1500 (B is the distance between the columns, in mm) but large shall not exceed 10mm.

(5) Track span, track centre and support beam centre, track non-linearity error shall not exceed the provisions.





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