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Supply HHBB Hook Type Electric Chain Hoist

These are related to the Supply HHBB Hook Type Electric Chain Hoist news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in Supply HHBB Hook Type Electric Chain Hoist and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand Supply HHBB Hook Type Electric Chain Hoist market.
  • Sep
    What occasions are HHBB electric chain hoists used?
    The electric chain hoist is an international standard electric hoist. The lifting part is not a wire rope, but a chain of small elliptical rings interlocking each other, and each small ring is forged by high temperature quenching. , Very sturdy, if it is used in dusty places, it will not stick to du
  • Aug
    How to adjust multiple electric chain hoist clutches?
    The adjustment of the friction clutch of multiple electric chain hoists requires a detection device to check the friction. The internal structure of the electric hoist is very compact, but it has certain shortcomings: large length, large width, rough structure, low mechanical efficiency, and process
  • Aug
    Guidelines for prohibiting electric chain hoists
    Electric chain hoist is suitable for vertical load lifting under normal working conditions, but cannot be used for carrying people. The prohibition guidelines for electric chain hoists are as follows:General rule: Incorrect use or negligence in the maintenance of the hoist may lead to dangerous situ
  • Sep
    The cause of the abnormality of the chain hoist gear
    The chain hoist is more and more liked by the masses. Because it is light and durable, the gears are all characterized by high temperature quenching. It is also a new generation of lifting equipment. The following small series will briefly introduce the abnormal reasons of the chain hoist gear.The r
  • Aug
    How to check the operation of the electric chain hoist
    The main reasons for the malfunction of the electric chain hoist are as follows:1. The power is not connected: it needs to be tested with the test pencil. If the test is not powered, it has been solved. After the power is turned on, it can work.2, internal short circuit or poor contact of the brake




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