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Explosion-Proof Hoist

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  • May
    How to replace the brake pads of the explosion-proof electric hoist?

    When we use and operate the explosion-proof electric hoist, why our brake pads have problems, how to replace new brake pads, the following are the main operating steps and methods. Explosion-proof electric hoists mainly have side brakes and mechanical brakes, which mainly have two insurance function

  • Apr
    Consequences of overloading of explosion-proof electric chain hoist

    Nowadays, many explosion-proof electric chain hoists are overloaded. How can we avoid these problems? Among the many chain hoists, we know that there are many types of electric hoists that have specific specifications. Then, during our use, if the weight of the lifting object is not measured in time

  • Dec
    Harm of using explosion-proof hoist with overload

    The manual hoist has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, small size, convenient carrying, safety and reliability, long service life, and small lever force. The manual hoist can perform lifting, traction, lowering, calibration and other operations. If equipped with a special device, no

  • Dec
    Precautions for the use of explosion-proof chain hoists

    1. Keep the equipment clean. Chains, conductors, guide frames, etc. must be kept clean, especially in the working environment with more impurities, iron filings and dirt must be cleaned up in time.2. The whole equipment should be kept clean and tidy. The explosion-proof chain hoist machine, accessor




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