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Consequences of overloading of explosion-proof electric chain hoist

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Nowadays, many explosion-proof electric chain hoists are overloaded. How can we avoid these problems? Among the many chain hoists, we know that there are many types of electric hoists that have specific specifications. Then, during our use, if the weight of the lifting object is not measured in time and overload occurs, what should we do? Is there any way to solve this kind of problem?

1. First of all, if we find that the object is overloaded during the lifting process, but the object has been lifted and lifted, we should slowly lower the hoist chain as slowly as possible.

2. Then we slowly put down the object. If conditions permit, we can use other auxiliary equipment to protect the safety of lifting the object. The object will fall when it is placed in the process of falling!

The above is how we should deal with the operation method when we encounter the overload operation of the electric hoist.





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