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Which parts of the explosion-proof electric chain hoist should be inspected every month?

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The inspection of lifting equipment, especially the inspection of the explosion-proof electric chain hoist, is very important. It is precisely because of the usual safety inspections that the safety of the equipment can be guaranteed during the use of the equipment. The usual weekly inspections are actually inspections. The simple part, but when it comes to monthly inspections, we should go deeper, check some more important parts, and even disassemble the shell for inspection.


1: The inspection items are related items to ensure the safety and reliability of the electric hoist. If necessary, disassemble the shell and check the partial use of the motor.


2: Check whether the whole chain is cracked, and check the whole chain from beginning to end. Check every ring and replace the chain in time if there is a break.


3: Since the monthly inspection is a more professional aspect of inspection, it must be inspected by professional personnel. The technicians need to have a certain basic knowledge of electricity. The use of this should be kept on file for more than 3 years. In the monthly inspection, rely on visual inspection. Hearing and hand feeling are very intuitive methods, so the outer cover must be removed for inspection to ensure safe progress at any time, and necessary maintenance and maintenance are carried out at the same time as the wear state.





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