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What to do if the explosion-proof electric chain hoist shakes during use

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The electric chain hoist cannot be kept stable every time when it is hoisted. It may shake. Some operators feel that it is okay. If the shake occurs, it is still in use. There may be no accidents. The user did not feel anything when using it, and was accustomed to this situation. In fact, this is very dangerous and will affect the life safety of the staff. Let's take a look at the causes of shaking, and try to avoid such situations during use:


1: Overload use. After the suspended weight exceeds the rated lifting capacity, the lifting will be unstable, and it will even cause the electric hoist to be pulled up or the I-beam beam to bend.


2: In the process of using the electric chain hoist, the inclined crane is inclined to be too large to cause shaking.


3: Irregular operation by the operator, profitable lifting or collision will cause the equipment to shake.


It can be seen from the above that shaking is really a very serious problem. In the process of using electric chain hoist, it must be avoided.





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