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Test whether the running explosion-proof electric chain hoist is connected to the rated voltage?

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When the running explosion-proof electric chain hoist is in use, it will be connected to the rated power supply before it can reach the working level and start up, but if it is not connected to the voltage that reaches its working level, the electric hoist will not work. What is the fault? ?


In fact, this kind of failure of the wire rope may be caused by the main control box and the electrical damage of the circuit. If the line is disconnected, the poor contact will make the electric hoist unable to energize normally. If such a failure is found, it must be Deal with it in time to prevent the equipment from burning out because the circuit is not connected. When overhauling, you must first disconnect the power supply, and then power on the branch circuit. This will help protect the equipment and prevent it from greater damage. After the problem, repair or replace. After all repairs are completed, the test run can be carried out again, and the electric hoist can also work again


The influence of external voltage on electric hoist. When the electric hoist is working, if the voltage of the hoisting motor terminal is 10% lower than the rated voltage, the input starting voltage is low, which will cause the electric hoist to be unable to lift the goods. When this happens, this aspect should be considered. Then test the input voltage of the electric hoist motor. If the voltage is really low, you need to stop using it and work after it is restored. This will not only ensure the safety of the electric hoist, but also increase the life of the electric hoist itself. 





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