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These are related to the lifting sling news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in lifting sling and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand lifting sling market.
  • Apr
    How to use large-tonnage lifting slings to be safer and more convenient?
    There are many types of hoisting belts, so what should we use for some large-tonnage hoisting belts? What are the precautions and safety points?When we encounter these problems in the process of use, what is the main solution?1. When lifting heavy tonnage objects, we should pay attention to the size
  • Mar
    Analysis of the cause of the sling breakage accident
    When the sling is in use, the fracture accident occurs, which is generally caused by the following reasons:The production and manufacture of slings are not standardized: At present, the slings used by enterprises are divided into two parts: professional factory production and enterprise self-made. T
  • Jan
    What are the daily factors that affect the lifting belt
    One, sharp edges When the hoisting object has sharp edges, these sharp edges will cause damaging cuts to the hoisting belt. To protect the hoisting belt from cuts, a maintenance lining can be placed between the hoisting belt and the object to be hoisted. 2. Ultraviolet rays Exposure to continuous ul
  • Oct
    Safety hazard inspection of sling and color sling
    Hoisting belts and colored hoisting belts are generally synthetic fiber hoisting belts, which can be divided into single hoisting belts, double hoisting belts and double-layer hoisting belts. The sling has certain hidden safety hazards in use. Finding these hidden safety hazards before use can avoid




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