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How to use large-tonnage lifting slings to be safer and more convenient?

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There are many types of hoisting belts, so what should we use for some large-tonnage hoisting belts? What are the precautions and safety points?

When we encounter these problems in the process of use, what is the main solution?

1. When lifting heavy tonnage objects, we should pay attention to the size of the object, and for the lifting object, we should pay attention to the need for us to wrap more nodes in the lifting object to bind it.

2. Our lifting slings must be tested and tested for the stability of the lifting slings before lifting to prevent the slings from causing unnecessary safety hazards due to quality problems.

3. When choosing a large-tonnage lifting belt, we should pay attention to whether the lifting belt is knotted or entangled. If this happens, we must comb the lifting belt completely before using it.

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