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Safety hazard inspection of sling and color sling

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Hoisting belts and colored hoisting belts are generally synthetic fiber hoisting belts, which can be divided into single hoisting belts, double hoisting belts and double-layer hoisting belts. The sling has certain hidden safety hazards in use. Finding these hidden safety hazards before use can avoid safety accidents.

1. Do not store the sling near an open flame or other heat sources, and keep it away from light.

2. After the sling is dirty or used in an environment with acid or alkali tendency, the sling should be cleaned.

3. Arrange regular inspections of lifting belts. Unqualified or defective lifting belts should be downgraded or scrapped. The inspection contents include:

(1) Whether there is perforation, cut, or tear.

(2) Whether the seams are frayed or the seams are frayed.

(3) Whether there is softening, aging, reduced elasticity, and weakened strength.

(4) Whether the internal surface is rough and easy to peel off.

(5) There is no dead knot in the sling.

(6) Whether there are spots of looseness, corrosion, acid-base burn, and thermal melting or scorching on the surface of the strap.

(7) Whether the sling with red cordon is exposed.

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