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What are the daily factors that affect the lifting belt

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One, sharp edges


When the hoisting object has sharp edges, these sharp edges will cause damaging cuts to the hoisting belt. To protect the hoisting belt from cuts, a maintenance lining can be placed between the hoisting belt and the object to be hoisted.


2. Ultraviolet rays


Exposure to continuous ultraviolet light will damage the strength of the synthetic fiber sling;


1. It is recommended to use the following methods to avoid the influence of ultraviolet light or arc welding light as much as possible:


When not in use, store the sling in a ventilated, cool and dry place;


Check the sling once or several times a week according to the usage of the sling.


2. Visual inspection method of UV damage:


The color of the sling is fading; the material of the sling is hardened; the parts of the sling that do not touch the load often appear to be worn.



Three, acid


Acid will affect the properties of nylon, or even completely damage the strength of nylon; many acids will not affect the properties of polyester, but some acids will cause low to moderate damage to polyester.


Four, alkali


Many alkalis will not affect the characteristics of nylon, but some alkalis will cause low to moderate damage to nylon;


Alkali will affect the characteristics of polyester and even completely damage the strength of polyester;


When using synthetic fiber sling in the presence of acid and alkali, the following elements should be evaluated first:


Varieties of acids, alkalis or other chemicals;


The degree and concentration of acid and alkali exposure.


Five, temperature


Because the sling material is a chemical fiber product, excessively high temperature can damage or even damage the synthetic fiber sling. Especially in places where welding is performed, it is necessary to prevent the sparks from electric welding from scalding the sling.

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