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Electric Hoist With Trolley

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  • Oct
    Hazard identification of electric hoist

    Electric hoists may have various accidents and dangers. In order to avoid dangerous accidents, we must first have a certain ability to identify these hazards. The main hazards of electric hoist are: brake failure, limit failure, defective wire rope, hanging object (or under someone), wrong operation

  • Sep
    Explain the inspection and test after installation of electric hoist

    Electric hoist is divided into two types: wire rope electric hoist and chain electric hoist. It is a small lifting equipment. Electric hoist has the characteristics of small size, light weight, simple operation and convenient use. The inspection and test methods after installation of the electric ho

  • Sep
    Check these accessories of electric hoist monthly to ensure safe use

    The monthly inspection of the electric hoist can find some abnormalities in the accessories in time, which can reduce the occurrence of some safety accidents. The monthly inspection items of the electric hoist include brakes, limit devices, lifting and walking motors, current collectors, cables, ele

  • Sep
    Quality management of electric hoist

    The quality management of electric hoists includes quality objectives, quality management systems and quality management measures. The main requirements are as follows:Quality objectives: During the construction of this project, we will organize construction strictly in accordance with the requireme

  • Sep
    Summarize the lifting requirements of electric hoists

    The hoisting of electric hoist is very simple. Many people can say that they can learn it in one go. However, in the use requirements, professional personnel are required to operate, because there may be dangers of one kind or another in the use of electric hoists. To avoid these dangers When liftin

  • Aug
    The specific requirements for the accessories of the electric hoist before use

    The electric hoist needs to be inspected as a whole before use. The specific requirements for accessories are as follows:1. The hand control buttons should move accurately and sensitively in the up and down and left and right directions, and the motor and reducer should have no abnormal sound.2. The

  • Aug
    Protection and placement method of electric hoist finished product

    Electric hoists provide great convenience for hoisting operations and greatly improve the efficiency of operations. In recent years, the installation and use of electric hoists are rapidly increasing. The protection and placement methods for the finished products of electric hoists are as follows:1.

  • Aug
    Confirmation of lifting points and installation of lifting parts during construction of electric hoist

    Before hoisting, the electric hoist should set up a warning area for the hoisting area and guard the personnel to maintain the hoisting order, and clarify the procedures for the hoisting personnel, unify the hoisting signals, and pass the signals to ensure that the actions of all operating positions

  • Aug
    The safety function of electric hoist low voltage control circuit

    In the past, there were roughly two situations in the electrical circuit of a hoist crane. One is that the main circuit and the control circuit have the same voltage, both of which are 380V (or 220V). The other is that the main circuit has a different voltage from the control circuit, the main circu

  • Jul
    Summarize the electric hoist hoisting process

    The electric hoist is composed of a running part and a lifting mechanism. The running part is mainly composed of a running trolley and a running motor. The lifting mechanism is mainly composed of a lifting motor, a coupling, a reducer, a hollow shaft, a drum, a wire rope, a hook, etc. Device composi




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