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The advantages and application of electric hoist

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In recent years, in order to save labor power, improve production efficiency, and fully and reasonably use mechanical equipment, the development speed of electric hoist in the lifting and transportation machinery industry has been greatly increased.

The application of electric hoist in the machinery industry is very common. It spreads to various industries such as handicraft, agriculture and industry, and mainly completes the stacking and transshipment of various departments. The electric hoist is mainly installed on the track to lift and transport heavy objects, which can greatly improve the production efficiency and mechanization level.

Electric hoists are generally installed on overhead cranes and gantry cranes. Electric hoists have the following characteristics: small size, lighter weight, relatively simple operation, and very convenient to use. Mainly used in factories, ports, warehouses, freight yards, mines and other occasions, installed on suspended I-beams, curved rails, cantilever crane rails and fixed lifting points, mainly to complete important lifting, loading and unloading, equipment maintenance, cargo lifting, etc. Work is an indispensable mechanical equipment for infrastructure construction projects such as construction, highways, metallurgy, and mines.





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