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electric chain hoist price

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  • Oct
    How to adjust the brake of electric chain hoist?
    The electric hoist brake system is very important to ensure the normal progress of our work. Imagine what will happen if the brake is not working like a car. There will definitely be an accident. Under normal circumstances, if the operator uses the normal operation, it will not happen. There is no n
  • Nov
    Electric hoist circuit safety protection measures
    The utility model relates to an electric hoist circuit safety protection device, relating to the improved invention of the electric hoist safety operation protection device, comprising a power source, a lifting switch K2, a micro switch K3, a capacitor C, a motor main phase coil 6, a subphase coil 7
  • Nov
    What problems should be paid attention to when running electric hoist?
    VOHOBOO is a professional manufacturer of electric hoist. It has the advantages of advanced equipment, high technical content, safe and reliable performance, and is widely used and recognized by users. Our company has many years of production and sales experience, reminding everyone to pay attention
  • Oct
    Harm of electric hoist
    What are the hazards of the electric hoist and its accessories when lifting the load?1. Harm to the motor: When the load of the inclined crane is lifted to the ground and suspended in the air, the load will inevitably oscillate, and the swing will cause the load to generate centripetal force, increa
  • Oct
    Several factors affecting the performance of electric hoist
    The electric hoist is a light and small lifting device. It is widely used in various construction sites, factories, warehouses, etc. It has high efficiency and low efficiency in actual work. Why?1. The quality of the electric hoist itself will affect the performance of the later use. Good quality el




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