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Harm of electric hoist

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What are the hazards of the electric hoist and its accessories when lifting the load?

1. Harm to the motor: When the load of the inclined crane is lifted to the ground and suspended in the air, the load will inevitably oscillate, and the swing will cause the load to generate centripetal force, increasing the load of the motor, especially when the swing direction is parallel to the running direction of the trolley. The load will repeatedly act on the electric vehicle with a thrust and resistance through the swing, so that the load of the motor to drive the trolley is large and small, that is, the current through the motor is suddenly large and small, the speed of the motor is reduced, the self is overheated, and the noise is increased. Large or even abnormal noise, heavy may blow the fuse or damage the coil of the motor.


2. Damage to the steel wire rope: Due to the oblique pulling and pulling, the steel wire and the rope guide are squeezed, so that the friction between the rope guide and the wire rope is increased, and the wire rope is worn and deformed. When the rope guide is damaged, the wire rope is easily disengaged and the service life is reduced.


3. Wear on the hook When the load of the slanting crane is in the air, the load will inevitably oscillate. When the swing amplitude is large, the sling ring chain or the sling wire rope sleeve will be generated at the dangerous section of the hook hook. Repeated slip phenomenon, the possibility of slinging and unhooking is large. The sling of the hook and the hanging load is also inclined when the sling is slanted. When the hoisting load is applied, the sling is easily unhooked. When the sling is removed, the sling will also be The hook generates friction, which will accelerate the wear of the dangerous section of the hook and reduce its service life.





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