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What problems should be paid attention to when running electric hoist?

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VOHOBOO is a professional manufacturer of electric hoist. It has the advantages of advanced equipment, high technical content, safe and reliable performance, and is widely used and recognized by users. Our company has many years of production and sales experience, reminding everyone to pay attention to the following matters when using.

(1) Before starting, carefully check whether the mechanical, electrical, wire rope, hooks, stoppers, etc. of the equipment are in good condition.

(2) Do not overload the crane. When lifting, the hand is not allowed to be held between the rope and the object. When the hanging object rises, it is strictly prevented from hitting the top.

(3) When lifting objects, the safety procedures of the hook cranes must be observed. It should be firm when strapping, and padding should be provided at the sharp corner of the object.

(4) Use the tow line electrical switch to start, the insulation must be good. Press the button correctly and pay attention to the standing position during operation.

(5) The monorail electric hoist must be decelerated when it is at or near the end of the track.

(6) All electric hoists with operation room must be operated by special personnel, and strictly follow the safety regulations of the drivers.

The safety of the electric hoist is the most important, so everyone should consider the selection, testing, use, maintenance and other aspects to ensure its performance is good and safe.





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