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  • Dec
    Crane (gantry Crane) Site Inspection Points
    Crane (gantry crane) Site Inspection Points1、Foundation and track inspection   Check the foundation of gantry crane track for settlement, breakage and cracking. Check the track for cracks, serious wear and other defects.   Check the contact situation of the track and track foundation, and shall not
  • Nov
    Precautions for Use of Jib Cranes
    Precautions for use of jib cranesJib crane crane as assembly workshop use more light lifting equipment, in the use of the process should pay attention to the safety * matters, enterprises should also do a good job in the management of the jib crane.Jib cranes in use should pay attention to the follo
  • Nov
    Single Girder Crane Teething Maintenance And Product Specification Use
    Single Girder Crane Teething Maintenance and Product Specification Use Product specifications: lifting 5 tonnes, width 8.5 m, lifting height 8 m, running length 20 m.  Product description: The main beam is mostly made of I-beam steel or steel and steel plate combination section, in which the trolley
  • Nov
    Cranes Installation Requirements
    Cranes Installation RequirementsThe bridge crane track installation and fixing method is correct or not, related to the bridge crane can work normally. The requirements for track installation are:(1) track joints, can be made into a direct head, can also be made into a 45 ° angle of the oblique join
  • Oct
    VOHOBOO-2023 The Moscow International Tool Expo Invitation
    VOHOBOO-2023 The Moscow International Tool Expo Invitation
  • Oct
    VOHOBOO-2023 The 134th Canton Fair Invitation
    VOHOBOO-2023 The 134th Canton Fair InvitationThe 134th China Import and Export Commodities Fair (Canton Fair) was held in Guangzhou from 15-19 October 2023, Wuhan Vohoboo Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd. participated in this exhibition as a representative enterprise of Hubei Province.Your supplie
  • Sep
    Super September Purchase Festival Offerings and Live Events
    In September 2023,our company participated in Super September Purchase Festival,which had a large discount and a wide range of active products.For orders over $5,000, we offer $30 off; for orders over $10,000, we offer $100 off. During the event, we will have a live broadcast every day, explaining t
  • Apr
    Armenian customers visit to strengthen international business relations
    From April 16th to April 21st, 2023, a professional lifting equipment supplier, successfully hosted a visit from Armenia. The visit aimed to strengthen the business relationship between the two companies and explore new cooperation Chance. During the visit, Armenian customer representatives visited
  • Jul
    2022 VOHOBOO Enshi Team Travel
    On July 20, 2022, VOHOBOO started a 5-day group trip, the destination of this trip is in Enshi City, Hubei Province. Among them, the most impressive is the Enshi Grand Canyon. The canyon has a total length of 108 kilometers and an area of 300 square kilometers. It has been praised by Chinese experts
  • Apr
    VOHOBOO- 8th China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair (CSITF)
    On April 15-17, 2021, the 8th China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair (CSITF) was held in Shanghai. Wuhan Vohoboo Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. participated in the exhibition as a representative enterprise of Hubei Province.The exhibition area of 35,000 square meters, of which Hubei Provi




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