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5 ton electric chain hoist

A list of these 5 ton electric chain hoist articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional 5 ton electric chain hoist, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • Jan
    The similarities and differences between the stationary electric chain hoist and the running hoist
    What are the differences and connections between the stationary electric chain hoist and the running electric chain hoist? These two types of electric hoist have a lifting weight specification between 0.5-80 tons, safe and easy to use and maintain, only one is equipped with a walking electric sports
  • Jun
    What to do if the chain electric hoist does not move after being powered on
    In the use of chain hoist, please check if the electric hoist does not run after power on;1. Whether the main power supply has a phase failure, which is usually called a phase loss, and does not meet the power requirements of the electric hoist.2. Listen carefully for the slight clicking sound of th
  • Oct
    Harm of electric hoist
    What are the hazards of the electric hoist and its accessories when lifting the load?1. Harm to the motor: When the load of the inclined crane is lifted to the ground and suspended in the air, the load will inevitably oscillate, and the swing will cause the load to generate centripetal force, increa
  • Oct
    Several factors affecting the performance of electric hoist
    The electric hoist is a light and small lifting device. It is widely used in various construction sites, factories, warehouses, etc. It has high efficiency and low efficiency in actual work. Why?1. The quality of the electric hoist itself will affect the performance of the later use. Good quality el




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