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Wire rope electric hoist safety problem

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Wire rope electric hoist is a kind of small lifting equipment. The wire rope electric hoist has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, small size, strong versatility of parts and convenient operation. It can be installed separately on the I-beam or installed. Used on electric or manual single beam, double beam, cantilever, gantry and other cranes.


Before lifting, check the safety performance of the equipment. Whether the mechanical, steel wire rope and hook are fixed and flexible, the rotating part is flexible, the power supply, grounding, button, travel switch is good and sensitive, the stopper should be intact, and the left and right runways, pulleys and rolls Whether the cylinder, brake and installation are flexible, fixed and reliable, and must not be damaged. The motor and reducer should have no abnormality, and whether the wedge is installed firmly and reliably.


If the following abnormal conditions of the wire rope are found before use, never operate: complete, deformed, worn, etc.; the degree of wire rope breakage exceeds the specified requirements, and the wear amount is large.


Adjust the stop block of the upper and lower limits and then lift the object.


Lifting objects are prohibited from exceeding 500KG in use. Every time you lift a heavy object, you should stop at the distance of 10cm from the ground to check the twitching situation, and confirm that it is good before you can work.


When adjusting the electric hoist brake slip, it should be guaranteed under the rated load.


The moving position should not be pulled too fast and the speed is prohibited too fast. When the hanging object rises, it is strictly prevented from colliding.


It is forbidden to take passengers on the lifting objects. Never use the electric hoist as the lifting mechanism of the elevator to carry people.


In use, it is absolutely forbidden to use in an unacceptable environment and in excess of the rated compliance and the number of rated closings per hour (120 times).


The monorail electric hoist must be decelerated when it is at or near the end of the track. It is not allowed to simultaneously press two flashlight button that moves the electric hoist in the opposite direction.


The objects should be tied firmly and at the center of gravity.


When lifting heavy traffic, the heavy objects should not be too high from the ground. It is strictly forbidden to exceed the weight from the head.


Workspace must not hang heavy objects in the air. When lifting the object, the hook cannot be lifted while swinging.


Please move the hoist to the top of the object and then lift it. Do not slant the sling.


The limiter is not allowed to be used repeatedly as a travel switch.


Do not lift objects connected to the ground.


In the course of use, the electric hoist must be inspected regularly by special personnel. When the fault is found, measures should be taken in time to cut off the main power supply and carefully record it.


Sufficient lubricant must be maintained during use and the lubricant should be kept clean and free of impurities and dirt.


Hard brush or wooden small pieces should be used when oiling the wire rope. It is strictly forbidden to directly apply oil to the working wire rope by hand.


When the electric hoist is not working, it is not allowed to suspend the heavy objects in the control to prevent deformation of the parts and cause personal property damage.





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