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Wire rope electric hoist machine features

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The structure is compact, lightweight, safe and reliable. The parts have large universality, strong interchangeability, high lifting capacity, convenient maintenance, convenient operation, stable and accurate lifting, and are widely used and popular light and small lifting equipment.


Main purpose of wire rope electric hoist

The running hoist can be mounted on a variety of cranes, or suspended on the I-beam, reciprocating in a straight line or curve. The fixed hoist can be mounted on a fixed support for vertical or different angles of hoisting.

Widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, railways, docks, warehouses, stockyards and other places, is the necessary machinery to improve working conditions and improve labor efficiency in production operations.


Scope and working conditions

This product is suitable for working environment -25 °C ~ +40 °C, humidity 85%, altitude below 1000m, the applicable power supply is three-phase AC 380V, 50HZ (can also be customized according to customer requirements).

We offer you the best design solutions to create unique cranes with efficient technical and economic indicators.

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