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Why is there a noise when the electric chain hoist starts?

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As a widely used electric chain hoist, when it is used for a long time, there will be some failure problems. For example, the electric hoist will make some noises when it starts. Then we should judge where the noises come from. Let us introduce some inspection methods about the abnormal noise of electric hoist:


First of all, if it is on the control loop, the contactor is generally faulty, and the faulty contactor should be repaired. If it cannot be repaired, it must be replaced.


Secondly, if there is abnormal noise in the motor, check the motor in time to check whether the bearing, coupling shaft and other parts are faulty.


Then, if the noise comes from the reducer, check the reducer, check whether the reducer or bearing is lubricated before use, and whether the lubricating oil is replaced regularly during use, if the lubrication does not meet the requirements, it will make a sound.


The electric chain hoist should be regularly inspected and maintained, especially the important parts such as the motor and the reducer. If there is wear and damage, it should be repaired or replaced in time. Lubrication is also very important. The addition and replacement of lubricating oil should pay attention to avoid pollution and keep it clean.

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