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Why is the electric hoist out of control? How many of these reasons do you know?

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The application of wire rope electric hoist is very wide, especially in the enterprises with more lifting machinery in the production line. In the use of electric hoist, it often happens that the lifting is out of control. What are the main reasons? What are the precautions in the use of CDMD hoist?

First, the cause of the electric hoist lifting out of control

1. There is a problem with the quality of the contactor or improper selection. This situation will often cause the main contact to burn and cause the electric hoist to rise in time. Therefore, we must be cautious in the selection of related accessories of electric hoist, choose regular professional manufacturers, and we must choose the correct model.

2. The control button is invalid. The reason for this phenomenon may be caused by a short circuit inside the button, mainly because of the frequent use of the button, which damages the insulator of the button. Therefore, in the use of buttons, in addition to ensuring correct operation and maintenance, it is also necessary to select products that meet the standards.

3. The stroke switch control is invalid. The travel switch is a kind of protective measure against the electric hoist, because long-term frequent use may make the travel switch loose. Some enterprises, because they are eager to replace the electric hoist, have ignored the installation of the limit switch, which is a major safety hazard, so the professional knowledge training of the operators should be strengthened.

Second, the matters needing attention in the use of electric hoist

1. Before using the electric hoist, check whether the equipment is intact.

2. When installing the electric hoist, be sure to set the buffer.

3. When lifting, do not lift to a high position at once. When lifting to a certain position, first check the condition of the electric hoist to confirm that the operation is continued without error.

4. The electric hoist is strictly forbidden to collide.

5. The lifting goods must be bundled and sturdy. When no work is in progress, heavy objects should not be hung in the air.

6. During the lifting operation, if you encounter the uncontrolled drop of the faulty cargo, you must take timely measures.

7. After all lifting operations are completed, the crane is placed in the designated position, the hook should be raised, don't forget to turn off the power.

The above are some introductions about electric hoist, is it helpful to you? Lifting is a job that requires a safety factor. The safety of this kind of operation cannot be separated from the quality of electric hoist, so in the selection of electric hoist, be sure to Choose products that meet the standards. If you do nt know how to choose them, you may wish to try the CDMD gourd!





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