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Why can't the electric hoist be used after installation?

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The newly purchased vohoboo electric hoist is found to be unusable after installation. What is going on? The main reason is that the electric hoist is not connected to the rated working voltage and cannot work. Generally, there are three situations:

1. No power: Whether the power supply system is sending power to the electric hoist, generally use a test pencil to test, if there is no power, wait until the power is turned on before working.

2. Defects: The electrical damage, disconnection or poor contact of the main control circuit of the hoist will also cause the hoist motor to lose phase and cannot work normally. In this case, the main and control circuits need to be overhauled. During the overhaul, in order to prevent the main and control The power supplied by the circuit to the three-phase motor is burnt out due to lack of phase, or the hoist motor is suddenly energized to run, which will cause harm. Be sure to disconnect the hoist motor from the power circuit, and only supply power to the main and control circuits, and then jog the start And stop switch, check and analyze the working conditions of control electrical appliances and circuits, repair or replace the problematic electrical or circuit, and re-test after confirming that the main and control circuits are not faulty.

3. The voltage is too low: the voltage at the motor terminal of the hoist is more than 10% lower than the rated voltage, and the starting torque of the motor is too small, so that the hoist cannot lift the goods and cannot work. When checking, use a multimeter or a voltmeter to measure the voltage at the motor input terminal. 





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