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Why can't electric hoist run normally? How to reduce the corrosion of steel wire rope?

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Reasons why the electric hoist cannot run normally:

During normal operation of this kind of equipment, the normally-open contact of the button usually appears because the contactor is attracted due to moisture conduction, and the main circuit is connected to run on its own. If the problem is not serious, the hoist hook will hit the body and cause deformation and damage to the body If it is serious, it will burn the motor; the failure of the stop limit switch or the lack of phase will also cause the equipment to not operate normally.

In fact, the hoist hook collides with the body because of an overload situation, and the current increases exponentially in a short period of time; if the shutdown fiber switch starts without a phase, the motor cannot start. If the phase is missing during the operation, Although the motor will continue to run, the current is very large. In these cases, the thermal relay cannot protect against overload. Because the thermal relay has thermal inertia, it takes a certain time for the thermal element to heat up, because the equipment is intermittently operated and heats up in a short time. The hub cannot operate, and the device will not operate normally at this time.

In this case, you can use a current relay instead of a thermal relay, because this relay has a very advanced technology, has a large contact capacity, the action is also very reliable, and the adjustment value is also very convenient. It is important to use this equipment The overcurrent can be cut off in time.

Methods to reduce corrosion of electric hoist wire rope:

In order to reduce the corrosion of the steel wire rope, the user can apply a special layer of anti-rust grease on the surface of the gear box of the equipment. When not in operation, apply grease to the steel wire rope and wrap a layer of plastic film; threads and the like are exposed on the surface The equipment also needs to be coated with lubricating oil, so that the quality of each auxiliary component of the equipment can be truly and effectively guaranteed.

This is the relevant introduction for electric hoist, and I hope everyone can understand that each device may have some or other problems during long-term use. At this time, the user should not be confused or helpless and find it in time. The cause of the fault can be quickly restored to the device if it is resolved in a timely manner. If it cannot be resolved, you can also contact a professional to help in time.





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