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What types of cranes can be used as lifting equipment?

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In machine installation engineering, lifting and hoisting is a very important job. Effectively completing lifting and hoisting directly affects the safety quality and speed of the entire project. In actual application, what are the lifting equipment and methods?


One is a tower crane. The lifting capacity of this type of equipment is 3 100T, and the arm length is 40 80m. Therefore, it is often used in the place where the location is fixed and the service life is long. It can also be used as a double crane.


The other is a bridge crane, with a lifting capacity of 3 to 1000T and a span of 3 to 150m. It is easy to use and is mostly used in factories and workshops. In addition, car cranes can also be used as lifting equipment, mainly using hydraulic telescopic arms to complete the lifting work.


Cable cranes are also often used in other places where the lifting method is inconvenient or uneconomical. Although its lifting weight is not large, it is suitable for occasions with large spans and heights. The more common ones are bridge construction and tower top equipment lifting. Wait.


In addition, there are lifting methods for hydraulic lifting. Currently, methods such as steel wire suspension load bearing, hydraulic lifting jack clusters, and computer-controlled synchronization are mainly used. There are mainly two methods of lifting and climbing to meet the lifting requirements under different working conditions.


In short, no matter what the lifting environment is, there are applicable cranes as lifting equipment, which can safely and stably complete various lifting tasks, making the entire project more efficient.





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