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What track does the 2 ton running electric chain hoist use?

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The 2 ton running electric chain hoist generally walks on I-beams and can also be used on gantry cranes. Generally, when more than 2 tons, we recommend that users use H-beams. In addition to I-beams and gantry crane beams, KBK rails can be used. KBK rails can be used in simple workshops or in complex logistics systems. Relatively speaking, the utilization rate of KBK in logistics warehouses is higher than that of I-beams. Why? Let's take a look together:


1: The track is flexible and highly flexible. Not only can the steel rail and aluminum rail be combined, but also the current equipment can be expanded simply and quickly, and additional components can be easily connected. A large number of modular, mutually matched components tailor-made personalized solutions.


2: The track is simple, but safer: fast handling and easy and accurate positioning of the load are suitable for efficient operation procedures and increase productivity. Therefore, complex handling equipment is used in mass production lines, such as in the automotive industry, which is very widely used.


3: The work flow is ergonomic: KBK now makes work easier than ever: it only requires a little operating force, and it can run easily and smoothly in steel rails or aluminum rails. The burden on workers is greatly reduced, which means: reduced absences due to injuries and illnesses, and improved employee satisfaction.





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