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What should I do when a single-beam crane encounters rain?

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In life, when using single-beam crane equipment, it is generally outdoors, and when using single-beam crane outdoors, it is very affected by the environment, especially rainy and snowy days. So, what should I do when it rains when the single-beam crane is running? Let's learn together with vohoboo.

When the single-beam crane is used in rainy days, it is easy to slip. If the equipment slips, in order to avoid the safety accident of the equipment. To start with the crane's tires, you can use anti-skid chains to fix them on tires that are easy to slip. This is to increase the friction between the tires and the ground, thereby reducing the chance of skidding.

However, for safety reasons, when using single-girder crane equipment outdoors, it is recommended to deactivate the equipment on rainy days and take rain-proof measures. Even when the operation is resumed, the rainwater must be removed to keep the single-girder crane in better work State to ensure safe and stable completion of lifting tasks.

The above is the treatment plan that vohoboo put together for everyone when using single beam crane equipment when it encounters rain. Hope to help everyone.





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