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What should I do if the 1t electric chain hoist leaks electricity and oil?

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Lubricating oil needs to be applied to the chain of the electric chain hoist. There are also oil passages inside the fuselage. Sometimes the oil leaks without knowing the reason. Not only the fuselage and the ground are dirty, but there is a certain risk of leakage. Sex, so we usually have to observe in time and take certain measures.


The reason for the leakage of 1t electric chain hoist is generally caused by poor grounding. You should check whether a good grounding system is provided. Another reason is that the dust particles floating in the air accumulate on the electrical parts, which will cause the equipment to aggravate. Keep electrical parts clean and avoid excessive humidity.


Next we are talking about the problem of oil leakage. Check if it is because there is no oil plug installed, just install the oil plug according to the regulations, and check if the oil plug is locked, and check if it is The reason is that the oil plug gasket is not installed.


The above is about some solutions of electric chain hoist, I hope it will be helpful to you.





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