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What should I do after the electric chain hoist is used?

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What should I do after the electric chain hoist is used? After asking this question, I think a lot of people answer it casually, can't we just throw the lifting equipment aside after using it? Or just put it aside. I think most people do this. In fact, this is a very bad behavior. If you want the equipment to have a longer service life, you should follow some work after use. Electric chain hoist manufacturers Take the electric chain hoist as an example to explain to you, other chain hoists, electric hoists, etc. are basically the same.


First of all, our electric chain hoist starts from the operation, first cut off the main power supply, and then unplug the mobile cable, so for everyone's safety, be sure to follow it. Then start from the maintenance and maintenance: if the electric hoist itself has some stains, we can take a clean rag to wipe it clean, and apply lubricating oil or anti-rust oil, if the chain is seriously corroded, stop using it and replace it. New chain; if no outdoor operation is performed, the machine should be taken or pushed into the warehouse; be sure to lubricate the hoist frequently, this step is more critical; do regular inspections, if that part is not in place, or where it appears If there is a problem, solve it in time, so that it can be detected and solved early.


The staff who operate the electric chain hoist must have certain relevant experience, or be operated by professionals. Do not operate indiscriminately. Only if the service life and performance of the electric chain hoist are guaranteed, they will not be replaced frequently. Parts or the entire equipment, so as to reduce our operating costs and increase operating efficiency.





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