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What parts of the hook type electric chain hoist need to be checked before leaving the factory

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Any hook-type electric chain hoist lifting equipment needs to be inspected before it leaves the factory, and it can be sold out of the factory only if it meets the regulations. Let's decrypt what items need to be inspected below?


1: Observe the model specifications of the nameplate, and whether the performance parameters meet the specifications of the electric hoist.


2: Insulation inspection, check the room temperature insulation with a 500V ohmmeter, and the electric insulation should not be less than 1.5MΩ


3: Fill the reducer with oil to check the sealing of each part, and there should be no oil leakage. ,


4: Whether the ground screw is tightened, whether there is a fatigue relief sign, and ensure that the resistance is not greater than 0.1Ω


5: Check the rope end fixing and winding correctness of the wire rope: use a torque wrench to check the tightness of the rope pressing plate screws on the reel and the wire rope fixing screws. The applied torque is rated according to the size of the screw, and the free end and the fixed end must not be Wrong installation, winding according to the drawing or manual


6: Finally, check the overall appearance to see if there is uneven paint surface. If this happens, it is a defective product and needs to be returned to the factory for repair.





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