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What occasions use simple gantry crane to work?

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A simple gantry crane is a gantry crane with two shelves on both sides, a beam in the middle, and a wire rope electric hoist or electric chain hoist on the beam. Some users don’t understand under what circumstances the gantry crane will be used.


Gantry cranes are divided into single-beam gantry cranes and double-beam gantry cranes. What we are talking about here are single-beam gantry cranes. Under what circumstances will gantry cranes be used? If the goods to be lifted need to be moved forwards, backwards, left and right, the gantry crane will be used. The gantry crane has rollers under it, which can be driven by electricity and can be moved by hand. Both methods are available.


The goods need to be lifted from a high place. When you need to move, you can move the gantry crane. If you want to purchase products and don't know how to use them, please contact us.





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