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What is the reason that the electric chain hoist motor cannot work normally?

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Electric chain hoist is a combination of motor, chain, hook, etc. We all know that the core of the electric hoist is the motor. If the motor of the electric hoist is in operation, the temperature is often too high or cannot be used normally. , In this case, you should check according to the following steps:


(1) First, we should check whether the electric chain hoist is overloaded. Overloading will cause the motor to heat up; if the motor is overloaded for a long time, it will burn the motor; if the motor is not overloaded, it still heats up, and the motor bearing should be checked for damage.


  (2) It should also be checked whether the motor is working in accordance with the specified work system, which is also one of the reasons that cause the motor to heat up, and it should be strictly operated in accordance with the motor work system when using it.


  (3) When the motor is running, the brake gap is too small and not completely disengaged, resulting in a lot of friction. The friction heat is also equivalent to an additional load, which reduces the motor speed, increases the current and generates heat, and it should stop at this time. Work, readjust the brake gap.


  The above three points are the reasons that may cause the electric chain hoist motor to not work normally. The electric chain hoist manufacturer will summarize here for everyone. If you have any questions or needs during use, please feel free to contact us!





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