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What is the reason for the failure of the remote control of the electric chain hoist?

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The electric chain hoist is operated by a button remote control when in use. It is very simple to lift and descend by pressing the up and down buttons. However, the remote control button is broken and cannot work. When the up and down buttons are pressed, the electric The hoist does not respond. The electric chain hoist manufacturer will take you to find out what causes the buttons to fail.

1. Repeated use is not maintained in time, but the button is temporarily out of order.

2. The remote control has not been used for a long time, the time is too long, and the placement environment is poor, resulting in the aging and damage of the internal circuit of the motor.

3. The remote control is hit and knocked, causing damage to a certain part inside, making it unusable.

During the operation of the equipment, if one part cannot be used, it may lead to the overall paralysis, so it is necessary to do the usual maintenance work to ensure that the electric chain hoist always maintains a perfect working condition during use.





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