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What is the fault that the mini electric hoist can't start?

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The small electric hoist is the same as the mobile phone we usually use, and sometimes it will not turn on when the switch is pressed. I haven't encountered this situation and don't know what to do? What is the cause of this? As a chain electric hoist manufacturer, we have analyzed several situations that cause it to fail to turn on.

1: Check if the power supply is dead, it will turn on without electricity, don't neglect the simplest check.

2: Caused by voltage instability, just like the electric light at home, the voltage is unstable, it will flash, and it will not start, the same is true for the electric hoist, the voltage is insufficient, and it will not turn on.

3: Phase loss, this is a more professional term. The electrical damage of the main and control circuits of the electric hoist, disconnection of the circuit and poor contact will cause the motor to lose phase and fail to work normally. After this happens, don't use it frequently. Turn on the motor, contact a professional for inspection and repair.

The above situations are the main reasons why the electric hoist cannot start, of course there are other reasons, but the most important are these reasons, don't worry, there is no major problem with the general electric hoist, don't worry too much.





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