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What is the difference between a miniature wire rope electric hoist and a wire rope hoist?

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The miniature wire rope electric hoist we usually refer to refers to the miniature electric hoist, household electric hoist, because the wiring of this electric hoist is 220V household electricity, and 220V is our household electricity, which is generally used at home. The size of the wire rope hoist is relatively small, and the maximum can lift 1 ton of goods. Compared with the wire rope electric hoist, the hoisted goods are lighter, while the wire rope hoist can lift 1-10 tons of goods. It is said that the electric wire rope hoist is a product for lifting large heavy objects.


The appearance of the wire rope electric hoist is that the miniature electric hoist reminder is relatively small, and the wire rope that can be wound is also relatively small. The lifting height and weight are limited to 1 ton. The cross bar of the wire rope is relatively long and the wire rope can be wound more, and the lifting height is also high.


If you can lift objects less than 1 ton, you can choose a miniature electric hoist, and you can choose a wire rope electric hoist for large heavy objects exceeding 1 ton. If you have any questions, you can directly consult our customer service staff, we will first Answer for you in no time.





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