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What is the cause of noise in electric hoist? How should the equipment reduce noise?

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Reasons for the noise of electric hoist:

First of all, after loading and transmitting the force of the gear, the gear will bend and deform elastically, and the load will be larger than the no-load deformation, and the impact force of the mesh will also be large, and the pulse impact of the node is not small. There was a lot of noise.

Secondly, the gear machining and gear stiffness will also make the equipment noise, such as gear machining accuracy is too low, the error is relatively large, this time the meshing impact will be large, the gear stiffness will be reduced, there will be a lot The resilience, there is a lot of noise.

Electric hoist noise reduction measures:

When selecting equipment, choose a motor with a relatively large number of stages as much as possible, so that not only can reduce the noise of the gear but also reduce the noise of the motor, which is helpful to the equipment. At the same time, the requirements for the accuracy of gear processing must not be ignored. This will ensure that the noise of the equipment can reach the standard.

Increasing the gear stiffness of high-speed machine gears can reduce its elastic deformation and reduce gear meshing impact force. This is an effective way to reduce equipment noise, and increasing the gear modulus can obviously enhance the gear stiffness. This method It is also very convenient to implement.

Of course, the requirements for the motor can not be ignored. Although it is not the main noise source of the device, it does have noise. When selecting the motor, its noise should be more than five decibels lower than the total noise of the device. This is basic Requirements, and the noise problem will involve many factors, and it is more complicated to solve, so if you want to solve the noise, the first thing to do is to check whether the equipment is malfunctioning or the main reason for the noise, so that it can be effective Solution.

This is the relevant introduction to the noise of electric hoist in this article. I hope that these contents will let you know that when the motor is used, there is serious noise, it is likely that there is a problem with the equipment parts, or there is a failure, this time for safety For the sake of everyone, you need to find the cause of the noise in time and solve it in time.


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