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What is the better control scheme for the reducer in the bridge crane after it is worn out?

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In practical applications, the operating frequency of the bridge crane is very high, so its driving wheels and reducers also need to run frequently to meet the needs of the equipment. Then, in the case of repeated start, stop, and emergency stop, the reducer in the crane is easily worn and even leaked. Is there any good solution to this kind of problem?


After the problem of the reducer in the bridge crane occurred, the traditional method in the past was repair welding or brush plating to repair, but no matter which there are certain disadvantages. For example, repair welding is prone to generate irreversible thermal stresses, which can cause deformation or fracture of parts; brush repair is easy to be limited by thickness, and the problem is still not completely solved.

So the way is to change the material of the reducer parts and replace it with high-molecular HDPE material, so that it will not be affected by the thermal stress of repair welding, and will not be limited by the thickness of the repair. The possibility of wear and tear, and greatly extended the service life of the reducer, can also reduce the occurrence of failure rate for the bridge crane.






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