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What do you know about the operational safety of KBK tracks?

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There are many lifting equipments at present, some are movable and some are fixed, which needs to be selected according to your actual situation. For example, some enterprises need to move goods between fixed points. The lifting equipment used in this place can choose KBK track, which can achieve the effect of quickly moving heavy objects. Everyone must pay attention to the safety issues during the operation of the KBK track to ensure their personal safety. What are the operational considerations for KBK tracks?

First of all, people must check the overall situation of the equipment before using the KBK track. If it is found that the equipment is obviously damaged, it must be repaired in advance. Only then can the KBK track continue to be used.

Secondly, people cannot be transported on KBK-type rails, and lifting loads on people is not allowed. In order to prevent the occurrence of accidents, which will bring great inconvenience to people's lives.

Third, the operator cannot pull or haul the load KBK track at a certain angle, and must operate the equipment according to the correct usage method to ensure the safety of people and vehicles. This allows production projects to be completed successfully without encountering other obstacles.

Fourth, it is not possible to allow the equipment to carry out lifting work until it is uncertain whether the KBK track exceeds the load limit. In order to prevent unnecessary damage to the equipment, thus causing unnecessary trouble to itself.

Fifth, the operator must ensure that the KBK track operation is completed and safely landed before they can leave the production site, otherwise they cannot leave the work position without authorization, so as to avoid accidents.

Sixth, once it is found that the KBK-type track has abnormal faults during operation, it must stop working immediately without delay. Moreover, it is necessary to find the after-sales personnel of the manufacturer for maintenance in a timely manner, and it cannot be disassembled without authorization.

It seems that people need to pay attention to many details when using KBK rails to achieve safe production. So as to bring more convenience to people's lives. In any case, everyone must have a comprehensive grasp and detailed understanding of the above KBK track operation precautions, and it must not be sloppy or ignored.





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