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What are the working characteristics of electric hoist cranes?

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The work experience of electric hoist cranes is loading, transporting, unloading and returning to the original place. The work scope is large and there are many dangerous factors. The crane is an intermittent and repetitive working method, which moves materials through the lifting and lowering of the fetching device. What are the working characteristics of electric hoist cranes?

1. Hoisting machinery usually has a huge metal structure and a relatively complex mechanism, which can complete one lifting movement, one or several horizontal movements. During the operation, several movements in different directions are often operated at the same time, which is technically difficult.

2. The materials to be lifted are diverse, the load varies, and the convex weight can reach hundreds to thousands of tons, and the length can range from dozens to hundreds. The shape is very irregular, and there are loose particles, hot melt state, inflammable and explosive. Dangerous goods make the lifting process complicated and dangerous.

3. Most cranes need to operate in a relatively large range, some need to install steel rails and wheels, tires or crawlers, and some need to walk on steel ropes. The movement space is larger, and the danger surface is also enlarged.

4. There are many exposed and movable parts, and they often come into direct contact with lifting operators, and there are many accidental risk factors lurking.

5. The operating environment is complex. Industrial and mining enterprises, docks, buildings, construction site transportation, tourism and other places all have cranes in operation. The workplace often encounters high temperature, high pressure, flammable, explosive, power transmission lines, strong magnetism and other dangerous factors, which also pose a threat to the safety of equipment and personnel.

6. Lifts, elevators, ropeways, etc. directly carry people on the guide rails, platforms, and steel wire ropes. There are many accidental risk factors lurking.

7. Many people are often required to cooperate in the operation, which is quite difficult. Operators such as driving, commanding, and sling are required to cooperate, coordinate and take care of each other. Operators should have the ability to deal with on-site emergency situations.




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