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What are the skills in the use of electric hoist?

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There is no lack of such skills in the use of electric hoists. Mastering relevant skills can reduce the occurrence of safety accidents and improve work efficiency, as follows:

1. It is strictly forbidden to hang the lifting objects in the air for a long time to prevent mechanical deformation.

2. After the electric hoist is used, the hook should be opened to a height above 2 meters from the ground and the main power switch should be turned off.

3. If there is any abnormal sound during use, please follow the procedure of stopping first, checking later, and driving after troubleshooting.

4. The wire rope is a key component of the electric hoist hoisting mechanism. It directly affects the safe use of the electric hoist. It is often scrapped due to wear and tear. Therefore, it must always be in a good lubrication state, and the fixing of its ends must be checked regularly.

5. After the work is completed, the driving should stop at the specified position.

6. The electric hoist must keep enough lubricating oil during use, and keep the lubricating oil clean, free of impurities and dirt.

7. After the work is completed, the driving should stop at the specified position.

8. The electric hoist should be operated by a dedicated person, and the operator should fully grasp the safety operation regulations.

9. The operator of the electric hoist is strictly prohibited from operating with wet hands or wearing wet gloves. The oil or water on the hands should be wiped clean before operation to prevent the oil or water from entering the operation button box and causing electric leakage and injury.

10. During the operation of the electric hoist, it is necessary to ensure that the object runs smoothly. When there is severe vibration or imbalance, the lifting should be stopped immediately. When it is serious, the object should be placed on the ground at the right time.

11. When the electric hoist lifting belt has edges and corners and sharp objects, it must be wrapped and cushioned with wooden blocks, gauze and other objects.

I believe that if the above skills are mastered and used in strict accordance with the relevant specifications of the electric hoist, the operators are professional and serious, then the occurrence of electric hoist accidents will be reduced a lot, and the work efficiency of the electric hoist will be relatively improved.

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