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What are the preparations for the hoist before use?

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Before hoisting, the hoist should set up a warning area in the hoisting area and guard the personnel to maintain the hoisting order, and the hoisting personnel shall be informed of the procedures, and the hoisting signals shall be unified, and the signals shall be used to ensure that the actions of all operating positions are coordinated to achieve safe construction. The preparation work before construction of the hoist has the following points:

1. During installation, the base is stable and firm. It is tightened and fixed by 4 supporting anchor bolts through the floor. The wire head has a flat washer, a spring washer and a double nut.

2. The position of the operator is at the place where the hoist is placed, and the commander is instructed at the DMC7 floor platform.

3. Before operation, check whether the hoist and the ground are fixed firmly and swaying, check whether the motor fan blade shield is normal and not loose, check whether the control cable circuit is intact, check whether the control cable circuit is hung on the wall, and check whether the grounding wire is intact and consistent. The equipment is in firm contact.

4. Before operation, check whether the brake device of the hoist is flexible, and check whether the brake pads are intact.

5. Before operation, check whether the wire rope has broken strands and loose twist. The wire rope must be arranged neatly on the drum, check the operation of the wire rope and pulley, and add grease.

6. Guide pulleys installed before operation use closed ground pulleys on the floor, and hanging closed pulleys on the channel steel cross arm.

7. Before operation, check that the direction of rotation of the hoist drum should be consistent with the direction indicated on the control switch.

8. Whether the position of the pulley is perpendicular to the axis of the reel.

9. Before operation, check the hoist installation position, wire rope dragging position, and pulley installation position to avoid obstacles.

10. The control box adopts a special control box for supporting equipment, and the wall is firmly fixed when installed, and the distance from the equipment and lifting fulcrum is no more than 3M. The power supply is introduced from the third-level distribution box of the construction temporary power supply. The power cable adopts three-phase wireless rubber insulation. The flexible cable, the control box and its door cover are reliably grounded.





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