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What are the methods to ensure the safety performance of electric chain hoists?

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Electric chain hoists are divided into single-phase and three-phase, and are used for electromechanical equipment that vertically lifts or vertically lifts and moves heavy objects horizontally. The methods to ensure the safety performance of electric chain hoists are as follows:


1. Memorize the contents of the instruction manual and the nameplate before operating.


2. Please adjust the upper and lower limit stop blocks before lifting the object.


3. Check whether the brake condition is reliable before use.


4. Before use, if the lifting chain is found to be bent, deformed, corroded, the degree of breakage of the lifting chain exceeds the specified requirements, and the amount of wear is large, do not operate it.


5. Please use a 500v insulation resistance meter to check the insulation resistance of the motor and the control box before installation and use. The cold resistance should be greater than 5MΩ at room temperature before use.


6. Do not lift objects that exceed the rated load. The rated load is indicated on the nameplate of the lifting hook.


7. It is forbidden to take people on the lifting objects, and do not say that the electric hoist is used as the lifting mechanism of the elevator to carry people.


8. There should be no one under the lifting object.


9. Lifting objects and hooks cannot be lifted under the swinging state.


10. Please move the hoist to the top of the object and then lift it, do not lift it obliquely.


11. The limiter is not allowed to be used repeatedly as a travel switch.


12. Do not pull other objects in front of the electric door wire.


13. Be sure to cut off the power supply before maintenance and inspection.


14. The maintenance and inspection work must be carried out under no-load condition.


15. Before use, lightly confirm whether the wedge is installed firmly and reliably.





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