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What are the measures taken in the use of electric single-girder cranes?

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The user unit shall strictly implement the relevant regulations, implement the daily inspection, monthly inspection and comprehensive inspection of the crane, implement the main responsibility system of the relevant personnel, and keep the daily inspection records, fault records, maintenance records and other use records.

The use place of the electric single-girder crane is equipped with convenient passages and fixed maintenance platforms to facilitate the daily maintenance, inspection and repair of relevant personnel, and to facilitate the inspection by the inspectors.

Strengthen the training of relevant personnel, improve the level of use and inspection of relevant personnel, improve the management ability of special equipment, and enhance the awareness of safety and responsibility.

Cooperate with special equipment inspection agencies to prepare for the inspection of electric single-beam cranes, and do the cleaning and tidying of the cranes in advance to facilitate the discovery and inspection of crane problems by both parties.

Encourage users to select hoisting machinery units with installation, repair and modification qualifications for maintenance, which not only makes the maintenance work more professional and targeted, but also finds and solves key technical problems and defects with strong professionalism.





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