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What are the main girder forms of gantry cranes? How to design?

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    Gantry cranes are not only widely used, but they are also classified very carefully. Generally, the specific types of gantry cranes are determined according to the form and structure of their main beams. Therefore, if you want to know more about gantry cranes, you need to start with the form of the main beam.

     Judging from the current market introduction, gantry cranes can be classified into single-beam bridges and double-beam bridges according to the number of main beams; according to the structural distinction, there are also box-type bridges, steel-beam bridges, and precision frames Different types of bridges.

     It should be known that the main beam of each structure type has different performance. For example, the gantry crane of the box structure bridge is a widely used type. It has not only simple process and convenient assembly, but also strong applicability and torsional rigidity. Good and automatic welding.

     However, the shortcomings of this type of gantry crane are also obvious, that is, the heavy weight, the main beam is easy to lower, and the horizontal rigidity is poor. It is not easy to weld inside, the life of the link weld between the web and the upper wing is low, and the welding between the transverse stiffener and the upper flange is easy to crack.

     If the gantry crane adopts the main beam of the steel beam structure, it generally uses I-beam as its raw material. Its main features are simple structure and small lifting weight. With the application of technology, structure and modern design methods, these shortcomings of the gantry crane with respect to the main beam are gradually improved, so that the entire equipment will be improved.

     In order to better carry out the lifting operation, when designing the main girder of the gantry crane, we must strictly follow the requirements. For example, first of all, it must have sufficient rigidity and strength; and it must cooperate with the entire gantry crane structure to ensure normal operation; in addition, on the basis of ensuring stability, reduce weight as much as possible, thereby reducing costs.

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