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What are the common faults in wire rope electric hoists?

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Wire rope electric hoist is a kind of small lifting equipment. It has the application of wire rope electric hoist in all fields of society. If the wire rope electric hoist equipment often fails in production, it will affect the quality and efficiency of the operation, so the related technology the staff sorted out some common accidents and treatments.

1. The wire rope electric hoist does not turn on the rated voltage

The reason for this situation is that the wire rope electric hoist itself has a fault, or the external voltage instability affects the electric hoist. An electric pen test can be used when testing the wire rope electric hoist for power supply.

2. The motor work abnormal noise, may be the control of electrical appliances, electric motors, reducers and other parts of the fault, we need to determine the location of the fault through the characteristics of the equipment sound or the location of the abnormal sound, and then carry out further maintenance.

3. The wire rope electric hoist motor heating up too high, we first check whether the overload is hoisted, and then check whether it works according to the regulations.

4. After the electric hoist stops working, it can't start normally. You need to check if the voltage is too low. If it is not necessary to check whether the rope guide is installed in the correct position or if it is damaged or worn seriously.

Wire rope electric hoist plays a very important role in daily production and life. Its appearance can greatly improve work efficiency and save labor cost. Therefore, it should pay attention to the protection equipment when using it, and strictly follow the operation rules of electric hoist. And do maintenance work in a timely manner.

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