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What are the characteristics of electric wire rope hoists

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The main features of electric wire rope hoists are as follows:

    1. Lifting motor

    The asynchronous cone rotor motor is installed on the electric wire rope hoist, and the internal brake also ensures the safety of the hoist.

    Large torque, stable operation, compact structure, small size and light weight;

    Effective braking, safe operation and convenient maintenance;

    Class B or F insulation, IP44, IP54 protection, high safety.

    2. On the driving motor

    The walking motor of the electric wire rope hoist has the characteristics of stable starting, useful braking, full cover B or F insulation, IP44, IP54 protection, IC0141 self-cooling and other characteristics.

    3. Lifting reducer

    High-quality three-stage dead shaft helical gear rotating body guarantees long service life.

    Gears and shafts are made of high-strength alloy steel and have been heated.

    The box and lid are made of high-quality cast iron.

    Improve the speed reducer with high speed and high precision.

    The lifting reducer has compact structure, quiet operation and high working efficiency.

    It is easy to assemble and disassemble.

    4. On the rope drum.

    The welding drum is light in weight.

    The coil housing is made of high-strength, high-quality cast iron.

    The rope guide is used to prevent the wire rope from surrounding and ensure the normal operation of the electric wire rope hoist.

    There is no disturbance between the rope sockets, and the service life is long.

    The rope drum is of high quality and easy to exchange.





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