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What are the causes of electric hoist parts wear?

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Electric hoists often have component damage, and wear is one of the reasons. What are the causes of wear? What kind of wear is worn?

The main cause of wear and tear on parts is the damage of the surface material of the parts caused by friction during long-term work, as well as impact load, high temperature oxidation and corrosion.

According to the length of time, parts wear can be divided into natural wear and accident wear. Mechanical parts are favored under abnormal working conditions, and the wear generated in a short period of time is called accident wear. Causes of accidental wear The defects of the structure of the machine, the inferior parts and materials, the poor manufacturing and processing, the incorrect fitting of components or machines, the illegal operation procedures and lubrication procedures, the untimely repair or the low quality of repairs.

The electric hoist parts can be properly filled with lubricating oil, which can reduce the wear between the parts to a certain extent and prevent dry friction, which can effectively protect the parts and prolong the service life.

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