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What are the basic items that should be paid attention to when using wire rope hoist?

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At this stage, the wire rope hoist is widely used as a lifting device, it has a high strength, it runs very smoothly, and its elasticity is also quite outstanding. This type of lifting equipment not only needs to pay attention to the performance and quality of the manufacturer and equipment during the purchase process, but also the details are quite critical during the operation.

Precautions for use of wire rope hoist

First of all, the operation technicians of this type of lifting device must pass the professional system training of the relevant units and pass the strict assessment before they can hold the certificate. Before taking up the job, the staff need to wear all relevant protective equipment, such as work clothes and hard hats.

Second, when using this type of equipment, the staff needs to concentrate on their own spirit, and cannot smoke, chat or read newspapers during the work.

Third, the working environment of the wire rope hoist must be kept free of water and debris, and the protective measures and related tools must be complete. During the operation process, the relevant safety channels should ensure that there are no obstacles.

Fourth, know that the wire rope hoist is also a kind of electric equipment, so the circuit standards at the job site must be standardized, and the wiring needs to be reasonable and scientific, so that the power indicators and the rated standards of the equipment are highly compatible, otherwise it may cause overload work Loss of lifting equipment.

Fifth, if you need to carry out the lifting operation at night, then you must have sufficient light and lighting system in the working environment to ensure that the operation of the staff is safer and more efficient.

Sixth, before each start-up operation, every part of the wire rope hoist should be checked to ensure that there will not be various problems in the operation process, which will directly affect the work efficiency.

Seventh, after passing the inspection, the power supply of the lifting device can be connected, and before the formal operation, the relevant operation of the no-load test needs to be taken.

Eighth, according to the use of this type of lifting equipment, regular maintenance, develop a perfect plan to ensure that daily cleaning work and regular maintenance can be implemented.

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