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What are the accessories of the 3 ton electric chain hoist?

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3 ton electric chain hoist product is composed of a lot of scattered accessories. The parts are combined to form a complete product. If the operator wants to be fully familiar with a product, he needs to know the various accessories of the product. Yuxiong, to be very familiar, let's take a look at the accessories of this product together.


Running electric chain hoist


1: Lifting chain. The chain is an important part of a product. It can lift heavy objects and carry the overall weight of the heavy objects. The lifting chain is treated with Φ7.1mm and Φ11.2mm with a surface carbon black of 80 grade to ensure In order to ensure the safety during use.


2: Dual brake system: Two complete but independent brake systems reduce the possibility of brake failure and ensure the safety of operation.


3: Limit switch: When the electric chain hoist rises or falls to the limit position, the limit will automatically cut off power. At this time, the limit switch can prevent the collision between the lifting weight and the electric hoist and avoid damaging the electric hoist.


4: Remote control handle: The remote control is very sensitive and responds quickly. You can quickly operate the product by pressing it.


5: Variable speed gear: A standard electric chain hoist adopts helical gears, which can greatly reduce gear seizure and extend the service life of the equipment.





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