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Use matters and requirements of electric hoist

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There are two different types of wire rope electric hoists on the market today, which are divided into single-speed and two-speed types. It is recommended that you choose reliable products according to your needs, so that it will be smoother in later operation. Let's take a look at the basic operating precautions of this type of device.


Notes on the use of electric wire rope hoist

First, if you want to use this type of equipment better, you must first choose a professional and regular manufacturer when you buy it, and pay attention to the selection of the model, because the application range of each model of the device is different, and there are also large basic parameters. Everyone must choose according to their actual needs and basic operating conditions.

Second, before using this type of equipment, you must be familiar with the instructions provided with the new VOHOBOO lifting wire rope electric hoist. The operating technicians must ensure that they understand the basic structure, operating method and performance of each button of this model of equipment. Start the operation.

Third, the wire rope hoist includes a lot of different structures, such as reel device, reducer, hook device, etc., regular inspection and maintenance for different structures to ensure that there are no problems and no serious wear and tear. Some vulnerable parts must be replaced in time if problems are found.

Fourth, for the newly installed wire rope hoist, it must be run dry for many times before it can start the operation. If it is not installed, please do not power on the test run. During the trial operation, it is usually necessary to keep the static compliance test for ten minutes, so as to better check whether the installation and operation of the equipment is correct.

Fifth, because there are certain differences in the use, installation and operation of two-speed and single-speed wire rope hoists, everyone must understand what characteristics of the equipment you choose and what problems you need to avoid during operation.

Sixth, after the installation of this type of equipment, a series of debugging work is usually performed, and it is necessary to strictly check whether the limit device can be used flexibly, and whether the hook can ensure safety when the limit is raised to the limit, etc.




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